Każdy przedstawiona tutaj historia to część naszej wizji w Pukka aby połączyć ludzi, rośliny i planetę. Miłej lektury!
9th czerwca 2015

Plant Pathways and Pukka Pathways

Not everyone understands that food and plants supply information to the body, but we can’t over-emphasise the importance of this plant information concept. A single food plant such as a tomato, if vine ripened and allowed to develop its full phytochemical potential before being harvested and eaten, contains around 1000 different phytochemical compounds recognised by science.

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13th maja 2015

Why we’re wild about licorice

Sweet, earthy and delicious, licorice harmonises the perfect cup of tea. At Pukka we love it so much that we’ve developed a new organic and FairWild Three Licorice tea to celebrate the wonders of this sweet root.

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24th kwietnia 2015

Diego Barraza's quest to find connection

Diego Barraza wanted to tell a story about the ancient Yoga and its new resurgence as part of a shape shifting global narrative. “Part & Parcel, a Yoga Documentary Satsang” is a feature length film that takes us on a multilayer journey.

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24th kwietnia 2015

Tallulah Rendall

In the latest of our series on extraordinary people we meet Tallulah Rendall - a singer-songwriter with quite a story and a personal connection with Pukka. We wanted to share it - so here it is, in her own words and with a short guide to how Pukka helps her stay on her musical road.

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2nd kwietnia 2015

Pukka becomes carbon neutral

Carbon neutrality is a massive undertaking, but hugely important for people, plants and planet. We’ve made some progress and we want to make more – with your help we really can make a positive change for all of us.

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31st marca 2015

Rainbow food and Phytonutrients

In the first of a new series of articles, Dr. Rob Verkerk from ANH International explains the benefits of phytonutrients and a rainbow diet

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26th marca 2015

The Eden Project - Regeneration and the art of the possible

Around the late 1990s a small group of people gathered in pubs, hotels and offices to talk about an idea – to create a place like nothing anyone had ever seen before; a place that explored our place in nature, a place that demonstrated what could be done if people who wanted to make a difference got together.

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